Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Welcome to Friends of the Boar

Just a quick welcome to any new visitors to this site.  If you are a genuine friend of the boar or not, please read the posts below and let us have your comments and experiences of the boar. 

If you are not a friend please don't worry about leaving a comment.   We don't just want to "preach to the converted".  We hope we can change your mind, but we want to learn from you too.

We ask for your moral support only.  Please send an email, found in the About Us section, so we can add you to our list.  We occasionally send out circulars to keep you informed of events and boar news.

Please also consider signing the petition to HM Government to introduce a closed hunting season on the boar.  This can be found at the side under "Boaring Links" as well as in the main blog.  This is crucial if we are to control boar numbers so they have a secure and welcome home in the Forest of Dean and elsewhere, and also to include some welfare in their management.

If this is succesful, it will give our beautiful forests, not just in the Forest of Dean but elsewhere in the UK that supports wild boar, a much needed reprieve from death and suffering occuring around us so we can all together benefit from the healing space the Forest provides for our spiritual and mental well-being.

Many Thanks.

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