Monday, 12 September 2016


An ITV 1 documentary will be aired tomorrow (Tuesday 13th September) at 8pm.

It's title is Nightmare Neighbours.  It is part of a series and it will attempt to portray the wild boar as just that - a nightmare neighbour for residents here in the Forest of Dean.

Anyone who read the last post and maybe thought we were exagerating about the mainstream media, may like to read The Daily Mail just 2 days ago (9th September 2016).  The article is clearly  presstituting itself to the ITV Corporation by advertising the ITV programme tomorrow in such a sensationalist and downright inaccurate way.

This, apparently, is what the mainstream thinks we want to see and hear and what sells viewing figures!  Treating the British public like brainless idiots will surely backfire?

Read the fully biased and derogatory article towards people of the Forest of Dean  here

 Friends of the Boar were interviewed for the programme, and we can only hope that they haven't distorted our voice.

We will be looking carefully to see if they showed how people can help to repair the turves of grass dug by boar.  We hope they will show the wildflowers created by diggings.  We certainly hope our message about the current over-cull is causing more problems than it solves will also be given some airtime.  And we would also expect our strategy for controlling numbers more effectively, and with a social and ecological conscience, will also be aired.

Let us see...

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