Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Wild Boars – Our Hopes for 2012.

A poem by a member of the Friends of the Boar ......                                                                                 

Tiny Forest Boar
Roaming where they like
Looking for their Mum
And finding her nearby     

They rotivate the soil
And carry seeds around
They root the Forest’s treasures
And eat them to their fill

But lately they are threatened
By those who do not care
And shoot them for their meat
Their numbers going down

They do have human friends
Who wish them saved from harm
To make the Forest safe for them
And make them feel at home.

In numbers Boar are few
But some have made these more
And think they are like tigers
When they are sweet and shy

They do no harm to anyone
They do not go for dogs
People must control their pets
Not feed or threaten them

Helping all our Boar and cubs
Makes our spirits bright
Forest Rangers stop the shooting
Make our dreams come true!

The Wild Boar make great mothers
To our hoglets cute
But why go to all the bother
If misguided people shoot?

So let’s reduce the numbers
Of wild boar to be shot
And have a rest from killing
To let them have some peace

Then tourists will come flocking
And aim their cameras straight
At little pretty hoglets
And mother boars as well
The Forest will be happy
The boar will spread the seeds
They will help to great extent
The flowers, the birds and bees

The Rangers in the Forest
Can then do other jobs
Like planting trees and tending flowers
Instead of shooting boar.


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