Wednesday 31 August 2011

Friends of the Boar

Welcome to Friends of the Boar

This blog is hopefully going to become an online source of information about the Wild Boar in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, and sometimes elsewhere as well.

It has been created to help inform and educate the public about the boars here.

We are not an Animal Rights group although we often have sympathy which such groups.  Rather, we use science together with observation and reasoned argument to deliver our argument and opinion.

We do not preach nor intimidate anyone who has an opposing viewpoint.  This is our strength and we will do our very best to keep on this track.

We are a group that hope to grow stronger in the coming years and become a respected voice in support of the wild boar.  We believe the boar are the start perhaps, of a counterweight to a mindset who are persuaded more by profit than peaceful coexistence with all our native wildlife.

The boar, if accepted, will hopefully pave the way for other long lost species re-introductions into the UK fauna.

Ours is a group created in response to many years of poor, and at times inaccurate tales of the wild boar in the media which has spread throughout a misinformed public at large.

We hope to highlight what the wild boar can represent.  But most of all we want to be a pressure group that can promote the wild boar in a positive way and also an objective way, and as such we will constructively criticise any authority or group who appear to be endangering the boars, their existence and their health.

Wild Boar can sometimes be dangerous or troublesome.  We do not want to hide from these facts.  We do not want to be rigidly against management or culling of the boar.  But we do want a balanced and sensible approach to being able to once again live side by side with the new wild arrivals to our forests.

If you are already a friend of the boar, please let us know so that we can add you to our list of supporters.  We hope to keep you informed of things happening locally in the Forest of Dean, and maybe beyond, by email.  We need your input as we hope to be as democratic as possible in any of our future actions.

Thanks in advance of your support.


  1. It is about time that we stand up and be counted as part of our friends the Boars.

  2. Hi Bob, 3 years later now and the boar need you more than ever! Could you please promote this site on your terrific blog? The information about boar numbers and the upcoming profitable slaughter of our wildlife needs spreading far and wide! Cheers, David J Slater

  3. Hello, have you thought about starting a facebook page to support the boar?