Saturday, 9 March 2013

TURF TEAM - Still in Operation!

Friends of the Boar have been out and about over the last 4 months actually meeting with real people who have requested help with boar damage to their gardens.

We now have a team of about 12 people who will happily visit you if you have a problem with the boar, and we will talk to you about how to possibly prevent a recurrence.

Obviously, we will listen to people's views about the boar and respect them.  Not everyone's cup of tea to have boar outside your house, but we have found that a reassurance on the unlikeliness of any aggression from the boar is welcoming.

Our list of people helped include several individuals, but also Drybrook Rugby Club, The Rising Sun public house in Moseley Green, and Joy's Green Parish Council.

Allied to this, we have given talks on the subject in the efforts to spread real information and talk about our experiences when out looking or photographing the boar. 

We really want to meet people out there rather then just communicate in hyperspace!

We have had some offers of support and we hope to get some community involvement soon too in helping us repair damage.

If there are any groups out there who would like to participate in helping repair damage to gardens, meet us, and in the process do a little conservation help for the boar please let us know.  It's really not that difficult to repair the grass.

Here are a few photos of projects to date:

Private garden in Pillowell Village, repaired and assistance with boar security.

Drybrook Rugby Club, grass banks and roadside repairs.

Private garden near brierley in middle of forest.  Paths and repairs to garden.

PLEASE NOTE - we have been told by a Highways spokesman that we cannot repair roadsides even if we wanted to, so sorry about that.  And before you ask us to repair picnic sites or any other bit of public forest estate, please understand that this is just not feasible for such a small group of volunteers, but we will always try our best.  Our focus is on private gardens for the time being.

Thanks for your support in advance,

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